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Click here for a hlmaps (original) demo
Click here for a hlmaps_php demo

HLmaps is a web utility for Half-Life game servers running on Linux, FreeBSD, and WinNT. It allows web site visitors to view all your loaded maps, screen shots, download links and some file statistics in a nice, sortable table.

HLmaps_php is a new rewrite by Brian Porter - check it out below!

0.9 (03/18/2002) (New!!)
1.1 (03/27/2001) (The "original" flavor)
3.0 (01/31/2002) (Required for both of the above)

Note: Users of csserverstats, halfStats, hlds_ld and hlmon will want at least HLmaps_images


  • Extremely customizable output, including support for almost any spoken language and color scheme, all done using a straightforward configuration file.
  • Very low run-time CPU utilization. Data collection is done via a script which runs during off-hours.
  • Cross platform compatability with Linux, FreeBSD and NT.
  • Perl's "strict", "warn" and "taint" modes are fully employed for safety and Apache's mod_perl/PerlRun compatability mode works great with HLmaps.
  • Each table column is sortable in ascending and descending order by simply clicking on the header.
  • Optional MySQL database integration (see INSTALL.MySQL for details) is included.
  • Great for clans to show maps loaded on a server, file details, download links, txt files and more.


  • Linux, FreeBSD or Windows
  • Perl 5.x
  • A web server supporting CGI or PHP
  • Valve's Half-Life server program
  • Optionally the MySQL database engine

HLmaps was written by Scott McCrory and HLmaps_php was written by Brian Porter. Both are released as open-source software under the GNU Public License. If you find it useful then we ask that you contribute back to this project in some way. In particular, we'd really appreciate help with collecting good quality map images for all of the major Half-Life mods (like Counterstrike, TFC, Firearms, Action, Phineas, Valve, etc.). Please read the CONTRIBUTING file to find out how to help.

This page was last updated March 25, 2002